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Screenwriter Kevin Finnerty


Molded by his father in the ancient Irish tradition of oral storytelling, Kevin sharpened his skills at Loyola Marymount University where he earned a degree in screenwriting.
Since then he has continued to hone his talent, working as a film educator for the last decade as well as a story consultant at various production companies, including Lex and Otis Animation Studios and (LBFI) where he has specialized in book adaptations.
Kevin has recently completed his first Graphic novel, You Don’t Know Jack!,  and his feature script, Thin Ice, is currently in preproduction at Santos Soul Productions.
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An Unlikely Journey from Hopeless to Humanitarian
Kevin Finnerty worked on this project for quite some time, and what started out as a small side project turned into a much more complex undertaking. There were lots of unexpected twists and turns along the road to completion, but the final product was worth the effort. 
Hannah is known to millions around the world as Rufus the Stunt Bum because of his participation in the infamous Bumfights video series. This text shares his inspirational story from his childhood in rural Georgia, his homelessness, through his recovery and rebirth with the help of Barry Soper, an ordinary man who decided not to look away.




Chronicles of a Troubadour

Last Chance Texaco is the first-ever no-holds-barred account of the life of two-time Grammy Award-winner Rickie Lee Jones, in her own words. It is a tale of desperate chances and impossible triumphs, an adventure story of a girl who beat the odds and grew up to become one of the most legendary artists of her time, turning adversity and hopelessness into timeless music.





The Novel Behind the Novel

This immense novel is claimed to be an effort to express everything that had influenced García Márquez throughout his childhood. It has been called a latter-day Genesis, the greatest thing in Spanish since Don Quixote (by Pablo Neruda, no less), and unique even by the standards of the colossi of the Boom era.



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