Kevin Finnerty


The storytelling career of Kevin Finnerty started long before he became a professional screenwriter. What began as a passion for novels and movies, eventually led him to create his own screenplays that pull from various film genres.

He got his first big break when his original screenplay, Boogie Men in the Bronx, was selected as a semifinalist in the Scream Craft horror script festival and he hasn’t looked back since. Kevin loves experimenting with creative ideas and he works hard to develop new skills to keep up with the ever-changing entertainment industry. Contact him for more information, or if you’re interested in collaborating on a future project.

List of Clients


— Lex + Otis Animation Studios —

— Rickie Lee Jones, author of Last Chance Texaco —

— Santos Soul Productions —

— Barry Soper, author of A Bum Deal —

— Jay Oliva —

— 3rd Banana Productions —

— F for Fake Pictures —

— Bootsy Collins —

Work History


Thin Ice (Santos Soul Productions) – Screenplay & Treatment
Ricky Lee Jones‘ Last Chance Texaco – Screenplay Adaptation
82 Pesos (3rd Banana Productions) – Story Consultant


Barry Soper & Rufus Hannah’s A Bum Deal – Screenplay Adaptation
Night Shifter (F For Fake Productions) – Screenplay Short
“Full Moon” (Santos Soul Productions) – Video Treatment


Era (Lex + Otis Animation Studios) – Show Bible
Clarence Lusane’s Black History of the Whitehouse (3rd Banana Productions) – Podcast Adaptation


Jerry Kamstra’s Weed: Adventures of a Dope Smuggler (3rd Banana Productions) – Screenplay Adaptation/Show Bible
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Bootsy Collins – Copy


Fist of Doom (Jay Oliva) – Screenplay
Blood Will Have Blood (Jay Oliva) – Screenplay


The Deadbeat Detective (Jay Oliva) – Screenplay
Locked In (Jay Oliva) – Screenplay


Cuchulian (Jay Oliva) – Screenplay

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